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This page contains Behringer Firmware and OS upgrades for all devices we already have the eprom firmware files for.

There are no doubt MANY other firmware upgrades NOT listed on this page, but we are quite sure we can program any Behringer firmware or OS upgrade eprom, providing the eprom image file or firmware is available to us on-line or via e-mail.

If there are any Behringer devices you would want to upgrade, but don't see listed here, please contact us, and we can most likely accommodate your request.

Prices are in US dollars, and INCLUDE shipping within North America. Overseas shipping may be a few dollars more.

DSP-8024 ( OS/Firmware ver 1.3A ) ---------> $25.00

DSP-9024 ( OS/Firmware ver 1.3A ) ---------> $25.00

DSP-1124 ( OS/Firmware ver 1.4 ) ---------> $25.00

FCB-1010 Foot Controller ( OS/Firmware ver 2.50 ) ---------> $25.00

FCB-1010 Foot Controller ( OS/Firmware UnO Revision ) ---------> $25.00

Bass V-AMP Pro ( OS/Firmware ver 1.09 ) ---------> $25.00