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This pages contains a listing of all the devices for which we have provided eproms or eprom programming services.

Some entries have links that will take you directly to a web page dedicated to that manufacturer.

This is by no means an exhautive list, but it does provide a quick overview of some the devices we can provide and program eproms for.

Apple Early Versions of Apple I, II and III
Atari video console and arcade games
Audi automotive Electronic Fuel Injection and performance eproms

Behringer Audio & MIDI Device firmware eprom upgrades
BMW Automotive Electronic Fuel Injection and performance eproms

Chevrolet (GM) (Corvette) EFI and performance eproms
Commodore Eprom and Bios upgrades for VIC-20, C-64 and Amiga computers

Ensoniq Sound Processing System

General Motors (GM) Virtually any GM vehicle from 1978 to late 1990's
Gemini Astronomical positioning System

IBM Early IBM PC Bios and Firmware

Kurzweil Keyboards and MIDI firmware eprom upgrades

Nissan (300ZX) EFI and performance eproms

Ockam Polar Navigation System eprom upgrades

Sencore Test and calibration testing equipmrent

Volvo automotive Electronic Fuel Injection and performance eproms

Waters Chromatography High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)

Yamaha Clavinova Sythesizer System eprom upgrades
Yaesu (FT1000) Amateur (HAM) Radio eprom upgrades

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